We think chat bots are a really big deal.

Over the next ten years the world will change dramatically, as generalized artificial Intelligence begins enter everyday life. Experts suggest generalized AI is 10-12 years away, yet today we can see early versions all around us, the most ubiquitous version thus far is the chat bot.

In order for the chat bot & the conversational economy to achieve its full potential, incentives must be easily generated to attract and grow an ecosystem rich with creativity & innovation. Our mission at Cashbot.ai is to build and make available the absolute best incentive & monetization tools so our users can easily generate revenue while imagining & engineering the next generation of chat bots & conversational applications.  

Chat bots are the new apps.
— Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
80% of businesses want chat bots by 2020
— Business Insider
“Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites...This is the beginning of a new internet”

— Ted Livingston, Founder and CEO of Kik

Friction Free Computing

Over 4.2 billion people use a messaging application every month. This trend signals less downloading apps, remembering websites or having to learn how technology works. It signals less & less "computer stuff".

Chat bots interact with users through those very same messaging applications with the same responsive, conversational style.


Have you ever interacted with a chat bot over a messaging application?

59% of US millennials & 60% of US gen Xers used a chat bot with a messaging application.

Millenials Want It This Way

With over seven hundred billion dollars in purchasing power, Millennials will soon become the largest buyer segment on earth. They don't like email, hate to talk on the phone and never listen to voice mail.

With over 60% of millennials already willing to purchase via messaging or sms, businesses & brands will need to deploy technologies that speak to millennials through the channel they prefer.


This is just the beginning.

Despite the sense that chat bots are everywhere, we're only in the beginning stages of the chat bot market. Just like the .com boom, then ten years later the mobile app explosion, chat bots are in a nascent stage where the platforms, tools, applications and UX models are still being sorted out. As the market hardens and the supporting chat bot infrastructure emerges in full, we're betting the farm that chat bots and conversation as a UX itself, will transform the way we interact with technology forever.