Saasler’s intelligent integrations lead to better products and data. 


Here's what Saasler can offer your Saas App

Service Oriented Architecture

Keep your codebase clean by leveraging all integrations through your API and not from your core app. 

Integrations Expertise

Focus on your core product while our world-class engineers build and maintain the right integrations.

Better data

Know how integrations are performing and which ones lead to more engaged users and should be promoted.


Saasler has two types of integrations: user triggered and automated. This allows you to provide a self-service marketplace as well as promote integrations at the right times within the core experience of your app.  


User triggered integrations 

Your customers can use buttons with specific actions that you have defined (e.g. send to third-party, get data from third-party), which were built by the Saasler team of developers. 

You will only need to add some JS and html in order to offer this functionality to your site and style them with your own CSS.

Automated trigger integrations

The Saasler team will use your API to listen to event data for those status changes you want to use as a trigger to promote specific integrations in the right stage of a users journey. 

When a status is changed, we will do an automated action towards the third-party based on the configuration we have set up together with you.


Integration Directory

Our fully customizable Integrations Directory lets you list your integrations with other apps easily. Saasler enables your users to discover new apps that play nice with yours. 

You will receive your own subdomain which you can use as is, or embed it to your site. 

     If Stripe used Saasler


If Stripe used Saasler


Your Integration Directory’s design, domain and content are fully customizable, and are entirely under your control.  

Integration intelligence

Be on top of your integrations and how they are performing with the Saasler Integration Intelligence. 


  • Track integrations users installed and uninstalled 
  • Track the frequency of use of each integration 
  • Learn how integrations increase your customers’ lifetime value and reduce churn. 
  • And more.

Getting started is easy:

1. Tell us what apps you need to integrate with and what.


2. Our team of developers will create the integrations using your API and the third-party app’s API.

3. Embed the code into your app and you’re ready to go.

4. Don’t worry, our team will guide you every step of the way.

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Do you want to make your product better with integrations?
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