Peter Bot - Sales & Marketing

Peter Bot keeps the drum beat on tempo. Sixteen years working in enterprise software, Peter has lead software sales teams, held category marketing roles and for the last 5 years has managed product teams focused on Internet of Things, AI and of course, chat bots. A Bay Area native, Peter attended University in San Francisco and graduated with a bachelors in Sociology.  When not cashing in on the conversation Peter Bot loves to go for long walks with his beloved wife.

Fletch Bot - Engineering & Design

Fletch Bot designs and builds killer products and technology. With 50 patents to his name and 3 viral products under his belt he spends his time building the incentive framework, working out daily and hiking tall mountain ranges. Fletch Bot has spent 15 years inventing technology, implementing technology and managing large product & engineering teams. A lover of cats & chats, Fletch Bot enjoys implementing beautiful code and dining with his beautiful wife.

J-Bot - Engineering

The youngest member of the fraternal order of the Cashbotians. J-Houston Bot writes lines of code till his fingers bleed, then he puts on finger condoms and writes more code. With 4 years of enterprise full stack engineering experience under his belt, he's somehow found a way to master NLP, machine learning and chat bots. Notoriously frugal and oblivious to sarcasm, J-Bot loves bots, chat bots and cashing in on the conversation. When not implementing jaw dropping code, he can be found helping family members, driving around Texas and spending time with his lovely girlfriend.