[Whitepaper] Increase Growth Through Integrations 

In recent years, SaaS popularity has created greater competition to attract, acquire and retain customers. With the increased difficulty of customer success, SaaS founders need to be smart about resource allocation and growth strategies.

Tod Sacerdoti, founder of Brightroll, is known for stating that:

“the purpose of a startup is to limit innovation to the absolute core areas of your business and make sure you don’t waste time innovating in other areas.”

The trend in the SaaS world is shifting towards investing the majority of resources into core areas of a product, while being strategic with growth.

When time and resources are limited, some of the best growth marketing tactics are simply to leverage strategic integrations with complementary software products. 

Integrations can smooth out onboarding processes or decrease churn by engaging customers at strategic times, without having to dedicate resources to building internal processes from scratch. 

This makes integrations great allies to find new business opportunities for your SaaS. 

Use our guide to take the most out of leveraging integrations for product growth.

Here’s what our guide will help you with:

  • Learn how to choose the integrations that are the most relevant for your growth (hint: it has to do with knowing your customer!)
  • Decide whether you should build your own integrations or use a third-party software integration provider.
  • Know how many resources you should allocate to setting up integrations and how to get a high ROI.
  • Learn best practices from companies that are using integrations to successfully onboard customers, reduce churn, and increase customer success.

Bonus: Get a checklist of 5 questions to help you review your needs before diving into any integration. 

If integrations are in your roadmap, we can help you figure out how to make the most out of this growth opportunity.

Download our whitepaper to see how you can boost product growth with integrations!

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