Here are some companies we've worked with and we're so impressed we felt like sharing.


Marketing is changing and these Chat Secrets courses show you how to make the transition from creative- to data-driven marketing, from one-size-fits-all to one-on-one and from marketing campaigns to real-time customer experiences. You'll learn how to use machine-learning technologies to improve your sales funnels and how to create chat bots which will both delight your users and provide them with real value.

BotList is the top place to go to find, discover or learn about chat bots. They have a massive directory of chat bots on all platforms, covering all topics and domains. If you've built a chat bot getting it listed on BotList is a must and if you plan on freelancing a BotList pro account is well worth the cost. 



ChatDynamo is a leader in chatbot marketing.  They promote chatbot discovery and audience growth through "chatvertising". They increase ROIs for marketers by sending ad clicks into conversations instead of website landing pages. 

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