How is this different from Zapier or IFTTT?

Third-party products like Zapier or IFTTT merely allow you to sync data based on certain triggers you set up and nothing more. This process overcomplicates user experience, reduces engagement with your app, and adds extra cost. Saasler takes your integrations to the next level: you can not only sync data, but expand the functionality and usability of your SaaS product without getting distracted from your core feature development.


How is this different from MuleSoft or AppDirect?

We are a bootstrapped SaaS company; you are a bootstrapped SaaS company. Why work with firms tooled to service the Enterprise, with all the legal and business red tape that includes? With engineers you wouldn’t hire and finance departments that prohibit flexible and responsive partnerships?


    How is this different from Cloud Elements?

Unlike Cloud elements, Saasler offers a manual trigger for integrations. We have designed Saasler’s integrations specifically to increase user engagement with your application, increasing user satisfaction and reducing churn.


How do I get set up?

Fill out our form, which will ask a few basic questions about your product. Then tell us what services you’d like to integrate with and we’ll set it all up for you. Once it’s ready, you’ll have access to a private dashboard where you’ll be able to make changes to these integrations as you see fit. We’ll walk you through the setup process in your app. All you need to do is add a few lines of JS on each page where you’d like to have the action buttons. 


How long does it take to set up?

After we have approval on the integrations on your end, it take from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the number of integrations required. You can always roll it your new integrations one at a time as they become available.


How much does it cost?

Please see the pricing page for more details or contact us


What will my users see?

Your users will never leave your site. They will install the integrations on your site using our white labeled integrations directory and trigger integration actions inside your app’s UI.

What your users won’t see is any need to leave your application to create integrations through something like Zapier. They also won’t face any additional learning curve or friction in integrating your app with external value-added apps.


What information do I need to provide?

  • A link to or copy of your API

  • A test account for your app

  • Required authentication tokens

  • A list of apps you’d like to integrate with

  • A description of what you’d like to allow your users to do from your app

  • Your favorite coffee drink ;)


What types of integrations can you do?

You can support many different scenarios when using Saasler, but here are some examples:

  • Your user would like to send that new invoice he created in your app to Freshbooks or Quickbooks.

  • Your user would like to invite her team to your product but he doesn’t want to type all those emails. Instead, she wants a nice way of selecting those emails from the company’s Google Apps account.

  • Your user would like to send to a Mailchimp list the new leads that are created on your app, so he can send email campaigns to those users later using Mailchimp.

If you can dream up a way to add value to your app’s users using third-party app APIs, we can create an integration that unlocks and delivers that value.


How do integrations work?  

Your users will see special buttons on your app that will allow them to perform additional actions based on the apps they’ve integrated. Check out this cool GIF:


What happens if I don’t have an API?

Our team of developers can help you design and build out your API through our consulting arm. We’ve already done this for dozens of clients, please contact us for more details.


     I could build these integrations myself, right?

Absolutely! We’ve seen enough evidence that your time is better spent on the core product, and we’d like to help you do that by making the process of creating new integrations as simple as adding a few lines of JS code to your app.