Chat bots we love

Here are some of the chat bots we are loving right now. Check them out & you'll love them too.

Seinfeld Bot

SeinfeldBot is a great example of something fun, something habit forming and something niche. If you're a fan of Seinfeld you won't mind spending 45 seconds to answer a daily Seinfeld trivia question. Afterwards a currated set of  Seinfeld themed products are shared with the end user.



Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.18.42 PM.png


MathHook is truly awesome. A chat bot to help with mathmatics, from Algebra all the way up to those classes some of use failed out of. MathHook keeps it subtle by maintaining a button "Support Me" which triggers a carousel of curated books on mathematics. 


Gifty is great and includes wish list functionality, inspiration modules and can facilitate group gift purchases. Check out Gifty and share with your friends. The guys at Bothrs are killing it with this chat bot!

Gustav the Gift Guru

Gustav truly is "the gift guru". He asks just the right amount of questions to make helpful gift recommendations. But if you're unable to find something you like, you'll get a live person offering to help you 1:1. The Gustav chat bot crew is certainly pushing the limits for creativity.

BotList Bot

BotList bot compliments the actual website, With their chat bot you can search for bots by all sorts of search terms and can subscribe for a daily update on new bots that have been added to this massive directory of chat bots on all platforms.





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